Girls Night Out Makes Me Sweat


Tuesday, 5:45pm

I’m in a bright green taxi cab right now on the way to meet a dear friend of mine for a night out to celebrate her 40th birthday while she is in town from Northern California. I’m as gussied up as I can get but I’m literally sweating to death from getting ready and I started getting ready 2 hours ago!

Here are the reasons a girls night out makes me sweat:

1. It has been over a year since I’ve had a ladies night. (SWEAT!)

2. I tried on not one but SIX pairs of pants until I found ones that were comfortable enough to wear out. I had my baby in December and just recently ditched the maternity pants so this was an extremely challenging task. (SWEAT!)

3. I straightened my hair and did my make up. As a stay at home mom this hasn’t happened in ummm….ummmmm….let’s just say a long while. (SWEAT!)

4. I actually had to think about my boobs before I went out. And sadly not in the same way I thought about them in my 20’s. No, I had to basically go to second base with myself to judge (a) do I feed the baby one more time before I leave? (b) is it just me or is one significantly larger than the other right now? (SWEAT!)

5. I’ve been fantasizing about sticking my face in a plate of enchiladas ever since my friend said our night should begin with Mexican food. (SWEAT!)

6. I just stepped into a bright green cab while all the other neighborhood moms and dads were gathered across the street with their children staring at me which basically shouts “hey look at me suburb neighbors, I’m going to get my drink on tonight.” Classy! (SWEAT!)

7. I had to dig deep in my memory from high school and figure out how to accurately calculate how many drinks per hour I could have, what types of drinks I should have and how often I should have them, how many waters to drink in between and when to stop. These kind of mathematical formulas are only necessary at my age and when I must wake up refreshed for my kids. (SWEAT!)

Wednesday, 6:45am

I’m happy to report that last night was a blast. Great women, great conversation, great food, great music and even a blue martini with a glow stick in it. And I’m now sitting here snuggling the baby feeling so blessed about my life. NO SWEAT!

Happy birthday Katal!



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