25-year-old vs. 35-year-old purse


Picture this. One day about a year ago, I was sitting in my office digging for something in my purse. And by office I mean a 10′ x 10′ sweat box that had wall-to-wall desks and cabinets and housed 4 other members of my team. It was tight but I loved it. We bonded in that tiny room and became like family.

But back to the purse. To this day I can’t remember what I was searching for but I was pulling things out one by one to find the mystery object. Out loud I remember saying something like “Seriously, who has all this crap in their purse?” as I was pulling out diapers, a baby spoon, a dirty sock. And my adorable and hilarious 25-year-old co-worker said “Oh, you want to do this?”

And so the challenge began. Alternating back and forth we pulled out one object from our purse at a time and cried laughing at the differences between what a 25-year-old needs and what a 35-year-old needs (by the way I was 38 at the time but I love that she made me 35 in the image, that is such a marketing person thing to do).

So here ya go folks. The side-by-side comparison of the contents of our purses.

How old are you and what’s the weirdest thing you have in your purse right now?



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  1. Today, not too much as I just cleaned house and put all the baby stuff in his own bag. But yes, Ive had unused diapers, socks, crayons and first aid kits on a regular basis.

      • I put the crayons in a ziplock Baggie, but I had to stop carrying pens because the baby grabs them and draws on my new Tory Burch!! I about DIED!

  2. I find this to be so true. I’m only 28 (29 in a few days but let me have this – it’s a marketing thing right?) but I can relate. If you went into my bag now, you’d find fresh nappies (diapers), some jars of baby food, various snacks, several zip lock bags (parenting requires so many), a pacifier, baby spoon, sippy cup etc etc etc. I have so many wet wipes. SO MANY. I am prepared for ANY situation. I miss the days when I only had to remember car keys, purse and phone.

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