The 12:49am Sleep Deprivation Realization



I just realized something. It’s 12:49am and I just woke up. This isn’t your random run of the mill, middle of the night wake up though because I just went to sleep at 12:02am. (I know the time exactly because I remember looking at the clock on my iPad thinking, “Go to bed dummy” when trying to decide if I could watch just one more episode of “Episodes”).

Anyhoooo, as I lay here awake after my magnificent 47 minutes of slumber I realized something. I have pretty much slept in about one hour increments since 2009!

I got pregnant with the toddler in December 2009. So for 9 months I did not sleep longer than one hour because of the magnificent pregnancy pee’s. Followed by the baby arriving and becoming a milk cow every 5 minutes. Followed by my ribs being kicked and punched by my husband because my pregnancy-induced truck-driver snore didn’t go away as hoped. (I’ve heard it, he recorded it and it’s God awful). And just when the baby starts sleeping through the night? Bammmmmm! Preggers. So then we start all over with the pee, and the milking, and the snoring, and we even got to add in a pacifier falling out-induced wake up for this new one.

So basically, I haven’t slept in 4 years. You would think that this would buy me a hall pass for any cranky moments I have where I make no sense and get irrationally upset for no reason, or for backing up the car into the recycle bin, or for forgetting my kids names, or for never knowing where my keys are. But no, it’s just part of Mommyhood. It’s the dues we pay that we never realized our Moms had paid for us. And it’s the price of being able to wake up each and every day to all of their chubby cheeked smiles, get sweet kisses and watch them explore the world. It’s all totally worth it.

Now, with that realization, I’m going to shut my eyes, go back to sleep and hopefully have the most glorious hour of sleep I’ve ever had.

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    • Lucky you. We did have a good stretch there where I got to sleep pretty well for about 3 months or so. It’s ok, in 18 years I plan on sleeping like a teenager. 🙂

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