Dear Mom…


Dear Mom,

Thank you for
…teaching me how to have a sense of humor
…taking me to church
…picking me up when I fell, and then picking me up when I didn’t learn my lesson and I fell again
…having patience with me during the teen years
…showing me that I didn’t need a man, but that I should want a man
…potty training Anna and teaching her how to ride a bike
…sitting up late at night drinking wine with me and solving all of the world’s problems
…allowing me to fail and praising me when I succeeded
…teaching me the value of a strong work ethic
…Phoenix Open 2002 (ha! Inside joke)
…my Buick Skyhawk
…my college education
…showing me that a mom can be a friend and still scare the crap out of their kids when they need to
…being my mom and my dad all at the same time
…loving me no matter what


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  1. I remember many conversations on your townhouse patio with your mom growing up! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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