On the Great Day of Mother’s Day My True Loves Gave to Me


To get an accurate picture of how my Mother’s Day went please sing this like the last verse of the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.

On the great day of Mother’s Day my true loves gave to me…..
Two loads of laundry
Watching Ice Age twice
A shower with a toddler
One giant blowout
Puke on my shoulder
Crying over cereal
Doing my own dishes
One dooooooookie on the floooooooor
Lots of hugs and kisses
One sweet hubby
Blessings all around
And a cocktail at four-thirty


Photo: nowcom.wordpress.com


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  1. That is hilarious!! I don’t know why I’m always so shocked when I hear another mom’s days look identical to mine. I could repeat Ice Age verbatim. I had a cocktail a bit earlier though…..I mean, it’s Mother’s Day AND the weekend…..3:00 is okay in my book:) Love it!!

    • It makes me feel better to know you are out there too. šŸ™‚ I’m a little jealous that you got to start at 3pm though. I was reading posts on Facebook last night about all of these beautiful days people had. Spa trips, breakfasts in bed, blah, blah, blah. I was happy with my hand made cards, the fact that the toddler went 8 hours with panties on and no accidents, and that they all picked up their toys. Lol!

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