“Debbie Does Disney”


Ok, if you got my juvenile play on porn in the title of this post then you might be as dirty-minded as I am. If you didn’t, that’s ok, you can still benefit from the Public Service Announcement ahead.

For many years before I became a stay-at-home mom I was in marketing and I loved it. The curse of being in this field is that I notice things in any form of media that are just…not right. Like when a menu at a restaurant has a formatting error or a misspelled word. Or in a movie when a character walks in with their collar up and within seconds it cuts back to them and their collar is down. Or when you see a sign somewhere that was lazily done in comic sans (that one is for you Dougy Fresh).

Even though I don’t work outside the home anymore I still notice these things with great regularity. However, since I don’t get to eat out as much now, and can’t even remember the last movie I saw at the theater, my critical eye has turned to children’s media. Now, maybe I’m just starting to slowly lose my mind (which I assure you is highly likely) but I’m noticing the craziest things lately. I feel like imagery makes a huge impact on our children and I’m sure that people way smarter than I am have spent years proving that hypothesis. While our kids may not notice things the way I do (thank God!) I believe they are subliminally absorbing everything in their little environments. So let’s be careful Baby First, Sesame Street and Barbie.

My observations can be summed up in 3 categories:

This one knocked my socks off. On Sesame Street they have a new segment called “True Mud”. Because nothing says education like mimicking a Rated R, blood-sucking, sexually charged, adult show. I’m a die-hard True Blood fan so I’m not knocking the show but I’m old and have earned the right to watch whatever the hell I want. And while I appreciate Sesame Street trying to entertain me, I don’t think my toddler needs to watch some dude go into a bar jonesing for mud to learn the words mud, spud & dud. I’m just saying. Check it out here.


I often have BabyFirst TV on in the playroom. I like that channel and I know little ones, especially babies, aren’t supposed to be exposed to too much overstimulation but come on…if you don’t use it sometimes then you are a saint and you are better than me. Anyway, I walked into the playroom a while back and saw this little gem on the screen. The VoiceOver was in Spanish so I had no idea what the storyline was. And of course people, after closer observation I can see there is a sweet story there but it sure looked suspect to me at first. I actually said out loud, “Ummmm. Excuse me kitties.”


While reading an innocent little Barbie book to my daughter I got to this page. There are so many things wrong with this page…so, many, things. I’m seriously wondering if when the illustrator was sitting down to draw this page he just did it to mess with me. The position of the metal rod, the end of it by Kelly’s face, “down, down, down”. Come on!!!!


So there you go. I need to go do whatever the brain equivalent of washing my mouth out with soap is.


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  1. OMG I thought I was the only one who picked up on stuff like this! I totally think the creators do it on purpose because they are bored with their jobs. There’s a show on Sunday mornings called Liberty’s Kids and it’s supposed to be exposing kids to different historical stories from the American Revolution and there was one episode where there was a pirate called Black Dick. Obviously that one is a little more in your face, but are you kidding me?! Even “The Soup” (which I love) picked up on that one and pointed out how awful it was! There’s also a scene in the Disney version of the Little Mermaid when the priest gets a little too, um, excited. Kids wouldn’t notice, but it’s REALLY obvious. Thank God most kids are still innocent enough to bypass the dirty that we pick up! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness. I will never look at children’s things the same way EVER again… I would have never picked up on the TrueMud thing if you hadn’t pointed it out. I knew that logo looked familiar…

      • I don’t watch Sesame Street by my grandma and my son do! I’m over here giggling because she doesn’t know what TrueBlood is and I kinda want to tell her. I’m picturing her face and almost cracking up!

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