So this is the new sound at my house. It is at about 150 decibels, it is ear shattering and frays the nerves of everyone in our house. And it’s coming out of a tiny 16-pound baby.

I have raised 2 other little girls and I have never heard such a thing. Baby girl is 5 month old. She is a sweet-tempered, very easy baby. In fact she has been my dream baby. Then all of a sudden the screeeeeeeching started about 4 days ago. First we thought it was that she was really hungry (although she’s chubby enough she could probably live off of her own body fat for a week). Then we thought it was gas but when it continued after a few awesome poops we figured out that it wasn’t that.

And here’s the kicker, she doesn’t seem to be in that much distress. She can cry through the screech and then smile through the screech.

So, I spent an hour on google last night looking at the baby forums and who knew?!?!? This is a very common sound for babies to make at exactly 5 months as they are finding their voice and trying new sounds. Neither of my other girls did this so it is natural that I would think she was in distress. But I wanted to warn all of you new moms that if this happens to you don’t kill yourself trying to make your baby feel better. They are apparently fine and are actually having fun with the sound.

The Internet said to just enjoy the screech because it’ll be over before you know it. To which I say to the author of that site, “please email me your address, I will come into your bedroom and stick 20 mating cats in your bed while you are trying to sleep and see if you just enjoy the sound they make.”

I do feel better knowing this is a short phase. I am going to be spending my time talking to baby girl in goo’s and ga’s and mama’s and dada’s so she can see there are other fun sounds that are less likely to drive me to the nuthouse.

Did anyone else go through this with your kids and if so, how long did it last for you and do you have any advice? I am open to any and all suggestions.




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  1. I still have one of those and she is 6. Just a natural screamer (and it has stayed at that high pitch where I want to scoop my ear drums right out). I have heard from other parents that it usually goes away quickly though so I hope, for the sake of your sanity, it does for you too! It’s too late for me, but SAVE YOURSELF! (the screaming has also made me a bit dramatic) πŸ™‚

  2. “She’s chubby enough she could probably live off of her own body fat for a week” killed me!! Both my boys are the same way!! Ha!! I never had the screaming problem though…

  3. Anne picked up her ‘voice’ while copying her friends at daycare! Even though she’s had a stinkin’ cold for some time, she was able to scream. Geesh!

  4. I enjoyed reading this πŸ™‚ My son is 7 months old and he started crying and screeching last week. Mind you, my family all say he cries too much, so nowadays I’m starting to notice the different ways he cries, lol. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Good news update: the screech is getting increasingly less annoying every day. I have noticed that it is a much more happy sound and that she is incorporating other noises too. Thank goodness! Hope you have a similar experience. Thanks so much for reading. 😦

  5. I have ideas for rewarding the screech and getting it to stay waaaaaay longer than it should, but if I were able to get rid of offspring behaviors I don’t like I’d need less chocolate in my life.

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