Bath time in my 30’s


I love bubble baths. I always have. I don’t like baths for the purpose of getting clean. I like them as a means of relaxation. For me it’s a moment away from my kids, my daily stresses, the dirty dishes, spongebob…I could go on and on about the things I like to escape from.

But it’s not like all of those things just straight up disappear when I take a soothing bath these days. They are still there, lingering, just waiting for the moment when I’m just getting to my happy place before swinging the door open with any number of things such as:

1. Mommy, I want water
2. Mommy, I pooped
3. Mommy, why are you naked in there?
4. Mommy, can I have a gummy worm for dinner?

Today was no different. This morning I woke up feeling achy from any number of things that are going on in my life so when the baby went down for her morning nap I thought I might sneak in one of these relaxing baths. I bribed the 10-year-old to watch the toddler so I wouldn’t be interrupted. But I was not so lucky.

Within minutes I had been given figurines from Jake and the Neverland Pirates, 2 floaties and was given very specific instructions on how they needed to stand. She just wanted me to have company I guess so there I soaked along with Jake & Captain Hook.


I didn’t mind so much. At least I didn’t get lonely.


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  1. Mine always try to follow me in to keep me company too. You have to give them credit for being sweet, even when it’s not exactly the moment you want their company! haha! Do yours yell at you through the door too? So relaxing!

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