Sesame Street Strikes Again


Recently a friend of mine posted a link to a new Sesame Street segment on their Facebook page. It was another unbelievable play on a sexually-charged, ultra-violent cable show created to teach our children. This time it was “Sons of Poetry” based (duh!) on the very popular fx show Sons of Anarchy. (This isn’t the first time Sesame Street has left me perplexed – see my blog on True Mud here.)

I completely understand what they are trying to do over there at Sesame Street. They are trying to entertain the parents while educating the children. And don’t get me wrong I totally appreciate the effort. But to use True Blood and Sons of Anarchy as their inspiration, two of the most mature and violent shows on TV today, seems so odd to me. The theme songs & graphics match perfectly. The muppets even look like the characters. One muppet in the Sons of Poetry is even wearing brass knuckles for God’s sake. Really?!?!
So, of course my sick-minded, former marketing brain started to churn and think of all of the other inappropriate shows that my friends over at Sesame Street could mimic next. Please don’t judge me. I’m a stay at home mom and my brain is slightly atrophied so I have to use it in any way that the universe presents itself these days. Oh, and you’re welcome!

Sonnets in the City (based on Sex and the City)
– what better way to teach children about rhyming and iambic pentameter than to share 4 new york fashionista muppets sharing a sonnet about Manolo Blahniks during muppet fashion week?

Nip/Truck (based on Nip/Tuck)
– 2 plastic surgeon muppets would take trucks that want to “change” the way they look and make their dreams come true. An ice cream truck could finally fulfill its life long dream of looking like a shiny red fire truck. A garbage truck can finally look like the cement truck it had always felt like on the inside.

Baking Bad (based on Breaking Bad)
– a muppet in his 20’s and his muppet science teacher would go to secret hideouts in the new mexican desert in their muppet RV and use science to bake secret treats that everyone will want….really, really bad.

Keeping up with the Compound Fractions (based on Keeping up with the Kardashians)
– A blended family full of loud mouthed, self-centered yet oddly rich-as-hell muppets will create contrived and ridiculous situations to teach fractions. If Khloe muppet has 2 stupid conversations with Kim muppet and Kourtney muppet has 1/2 a stupid conversation with Kanye muppet and Bruce muppet just sits there and says nothing, how many stupid muppet conversations happened?

Game of Pronouns (based on Game of Thrones)
– Joffrey the muppet would teach pronouns like himself, whatever and nothing. Khalisi the muppet and her muppet dragons would teach pronouns like everyone, much and everybody.

The Walking Red (based on Walking Dead)
– a group of zombie-hunting vigilante muppets will try to save mankind by solving riddles that reveal the color RED.

GigoLOWS (based on Gigolos)
– this segment will show 4 male muppets going from seedy Vegas bar to seedy Vegas bar wearing really tight shirts (complete with a spiked blonde, overly tanned muppet named Brace) comparing the height of barstools to teach the concept of HIGHER and LOWER.

So there you go Sesame Street. Your creative team can thank me later. Can you all think of any other examples? Get creative and please share them….


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  1. Thank you. Now I know I’m not the only mommy who finds these well-intentioned ventures to be highly unsettling. I love all of your ideas, though! LMBO… Game of Pronouns. I think I’m actually going to invent that game for my DD and at it to her homeschool regime when she’s older. šŸ™‚

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