My 7 Day Engagement


Let me tell you, I LOVE me a good wedding. The white dress, the cake, the dancing, the flowers, the vows, all of it. The bigger and more extravagant the better. I’m secretly sad that most of my friends are now married and that I don’t see any wedding bells in my circle anytime soon, so I watch a lot of wedding shows: Say Yes to the Dress, 4 Weddings, and anything with David Tutura. Shoot, I’ll even cry watching a housewife wedding special.

Which brings me to my story. You would think that I would want the grandiose when it comes to my own nuptuals. But it was quite the opposite. I rarely tell my story but I think it is beautiful and magical in its simplicity and maybe reading it will keep someone from spending $30,000 on a wedding. šŸ™‚

It was a Friday night. My mom and sister were over, yet for the life of me I can’t remember what we were doing. My husband traveled 4 days per week for work and had just returned home. Often when he would come home he would pick me up a little treat from the airport like gourmet candy and my daughter some little airport gift shop toy.

That night he came home and asked me to come upstairs. I thought nothing of it. When I got up there he handed me a gift shop bag all crumpled up like it had been stuffed in his briefcase for the whole trip. I remember being really excited because I was sure it was chocolate. I reached into the bag and pulled out a beautiful maroon box. I actually remember thinking “Damn! He got me some really expensive chocolate this time.” Then he got down on one knee, told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. He was shaking which I had never seen him do. Ever!

We had many discussions about marriage. We both decided we would rather go the non-traditional route. We already lived together and decided to start a family but consciously decided that it didn’t require a marriage license. Our families were extraordinarily supportive of that decision.

But as I opened up that little maroon box and saw the stunning ring that he had picked out for me the whole world tilted on its axis. I wanted to be his wife. I couldn’t wait to be his wife. He was my soul mate. I was so lucky that he came into my life.

We talked about getting married the following summer in a destination wedding with our family & close friends. But ultimately we wanted to be married now. So we decided to elope. And the soonest we could get it done was the following Friday. I remember how hilarious it seemed waiting in line for our license with people getting their passports. We had to go to window 6. Hilarious. We decided to have it just be the 2 of us so we approached a random couple in their 50’s who were also alone and asked them if we could be each other’s witnesses. Hilarious. But it ended up being absolutely perfect. Our justice of the peace did a cute little ceremony with the perfect words. I don’t know what I was expecting but I’m sure it was from watching too much tv. It ended up exceeding my expectations. It was beautiful, and perfect for us. I have not a single regret. It proved that all that matters is the bride & groom. I think we spent $25 that day.

Our marriage isn’t always perfect, or easy. We each definitely bring our unique “baggage” to the table. But I still have a huge crush on my husband. I love him more today then I did that day. We have 4 daughters now so I’m sure one of them will help me fulfill my dream of a crazy big beautiful wedding someday. But my 7-day engagement was an absolute dream.


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