“I have your stroller.” ~text I got from a lady in my new mom’s group



Sometimes being a mom of multiple children proves to be a challenge for my tiny little brain. I’m not sure whether it is permanent damage from so many years of pregnancy brain, the early onset of sometimers, or maybe I’ve always been this absent-minded. Either way, I swear I’m getting stupider (see what I did there?).

Today’s brilliant mommy mishap occurred while attending a Mom’s group function. We just moved to a new state where we have no friends or family so the local mommy groups have been a great way for me to meet new people. Today’s particular group is full of bright, positive women and we all got to show off our children at the end. I’m so proud of my kids. They are reasonably well behaved, super cute and charming and only one of them was covered in cupcake frosting today. So proud as a peacock I left the function thinking what a nice time I had spending the whole morning with my new mom friends and how well my children behaved.

I packed up the giant suburban as I usually do. Baby first (making sure her pacifier was in her mouth), my crap second (purse, baby bag, toddler’s artwork covered in glitter with only 1/2 dried glue, a Christmas ornament I made, and a bottled water), and then finally the toddler (making sure her seat belt was secure and Ice Age was playing in the DVD player for our drive). Phewwww! Done. I hopped in the car and headed home.

And that’s when I got the text:

“I have your stroller. :)”

Dear Lord!!! I drove right off with the stroller sitting in the parking lot. Clearly I didn’t look behind me as I was driving off. Luckily the fantastic woman who got it for me was one of the 2 people that we have had a play date with so at least I know her a little. But after 30 seconds of being embarrassed I started laughing hysterically. I LEFT A STROLLER ABANDONED IN THE PARKING LOT OF A MOM’S GROUP!!! That is hilarious! My text back was this.

“At least one of my kids wasn’t still in it.”

I learned 2 valuable lessons from this experience:
1) Laugh at yourself and your imperfections. The laugh I had today was so refreshing and it got my toddler laughing too. We laughed all the way on the drive to pick up the poor abandoned stroller.
2) When pretending to be the perfect mom, don’t drive off with anything left outside of your car, kids or otherwise.

Happy Friday folks. I hope that my mishap is the worst that happened to all of us today.


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  1. Hahaha I think a sense of humour is ESSENTIAL. Have you met mummies who don’t have one? PAINFUL! šŸ™‚
    I have had days where I’ve been so tired and weary from toddler wrestling (everything feels like wrestling when he’s only just turned 2 and he’s over half my height already), that I’ve backed into my stroller in a carpark, swore under my breath and packed it up hoping no-one saw me!!!
    We’ve all been there! I’ve started to care less and less about impressing other mums and more about just being honest and genuine – helps attract the right ones xx

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