The Cleanliness of My House (Fantasy vs. Reality)


I am a complete neat freak. My motto when it comes to the home is “a place for everything and everything in its place”. My family is coming into town this weekend and as usual there isn’t much I have to do to get ready because my house could pass the white glove test. You could also eat off of the polished floors and it’s impossible to tell I have kids because toys are nestled away in their toy boxes and color-coded & labeled bins. Laundry is done, dishes are clean and as usual my house smells like cinnamon sugar this time of year. Here are pictures of my bedroom and kitchen to prove what I’m talking about. Clean! Clean! Clean!


Bwaaah haaaah haaaa! FANTASY!

Are you on crack?!?! We have 4 kids!!! If my house looked like that all of the time I would be some sort of magical stay-at-home princess fairy. How could I keep it that clean when 90% of my day is spent arguing with a 3-year old about why she can’t have 5 peanut butter cups and the other 10% of my time is walking around picking up peanut butter cup wrappers. And toys? Sad to say, but I could replace the entire city of Who-Ville’s stolen presents. And none of them are ever put away. EVER. I sing the clean up song 436 times a day. My life is like Groundhog Day. Every night the house is clean for when my husband gets home and then by 8am it looks like a bomb went off and I have to start all over again.

So, folks. Drum roll please…..this is what my house looked like 2 hours ago. REALITY!



I envy those people who truly do have a clean house all of the time. I myself find it impossible and hope that sharing my reality might make you feel just a little better about the condition of your house right this second. It’s ok. My kids are happy. My husband did not marry me for my domestic abilities. So all is good.

Now I better stop blogging so I can go figure out how to make my house smell like cinnamon sugar because that sounds awesome.


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  1. Wow you faked both Dan and me when we started reading this….I was feeling bad about our house and I don’t even have any kids here now….so I made Dan read it and he said wow she must be organized….then he read on LOL! Have fun with your fam!!!

  2. You got me. I started reading with an exasperated admiration (exasperated at my inability to keep my house clean and admiration at your ability to do so). I should have known better when I read the title. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone who feels as though the house is chaos.

  3. I went through the first paragraph and was like ‘Wow what a man and what a supportive family’ πŸ˜€
    A white glove test?? like seriously?? That was the height of exaggeration..LOL
    But after reading the reality quotient I would say that I second you.. Clean home with kids is Utopia for me!

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