15 Airport Observations


1. Relative to the people at gate B2, I am super skinny

2. Americans don’t brush their hair

3. Not everyone in a wheelchair needs to be in one

4. I feel an overwhelming urge to check the authenticity of anyone I see carrying Louis Vuitton luggage

5. Children fall into only one of 2 categories: charming or nightmare

6. Married couples after the age of 50 start to look remarkably like each other

7. The smile to scowl ratio is 1:9

8. Airport lattes are made using bath water

9. I am super nosy and have to fight the urge to join in conversations with complete strangers

10. After Christmas everyone has a new hoodie

11. If I’m staring into your eyes for an uncomfortable amount of time and we don’t know each other then I am probably trying to figure out how you get your eyeliner so perfect

12. If any man, woman or child makes a stinky every person within a 10-foot radius will investigate with their nose and discuss with only their eyes

13. There are no blonde pilots

14. If Glade came out with an air freshener that was hot soft pretzel scent I would buy it in bulk

15. We will all die from coughing….eventually.

photo: serendipitylabs.com


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    • I remember when growing up my mom always talked to complete strangers and I thought it was so intrusive. Then today I am answering a mother’s questions about how to check in her car seat and the questions were not even directed at me. Ooops. Guess my mom and I are very much alike in that regard.

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