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Talking Like a Toddler

Talking Like a Toddler

I was out sweeping my front patio this morning and saw a gorgeous lizard. We live next to the open desert so he was big and bright and beautiful. I said out loud to him “Good morning Mr. Dragon.” Then I immediately wondered 3 things:

1. Why am I talking out loud to a lizard?
2. Why am I calling him a Dragon?
3. Why did I find the need to address him as Mister?

All of these can be easily explained…I have a toddler. She LOVES dragons. and the first time she saw a lizard on our street she screamed in delight knowing that baby dragons live near us. It’s quite adorable so I’ve never corrected her.

This made me think of all of the other things I say incorrectly in order to communicate with a 2-1/2 year old.

Like calling cereal “Kiempo”. As soon as she could talk she started calling cereal Kiempo. I have no idea why. What’s funny is instead of correcting her, on mornings where I serve her cereal for breakfast I actually ask “What kind of Kiempo do you want this morning?”

She also refers to Einstein Bagels as the “Oh My God”. Now this one is my fault. We live in the suburbs of phoenix and there are very few restaurant choices in the neighborhood. When I saw they were opening the Einstein’s last month I yelled, “Oh my god! Oh my god!” She remembered that and now when I want to go there I actually say “You want to go to oh my god for a bagel?”

These are just a few examples. I’ve realized that I pretty much talk like a lunatic all day long.

What strange toddler words have you incorporated into your everyday language? I would love to hear.


Image credit: greglasley.net