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How “The Walking Dead” is exactly like my life as a mom


1. All day, every day I have a bunch of groaning, hungry, dirty, drooling, insane creatures following me around and no matter how far I run they are always right there. Always.

2. If anyone – or anything – threatened to harm the people I love I would not have a single problem breaking off the head of a shovel and taking them down.

3. I could totally live for 6 months in the same pair of comfortable, ripped up jeans and a filthy tank top. No problem.

4. I’m always ridiculously hungry and searching for food.

5. One minute my world can be completely calm, happy and even gloriously peaceful and then not even 30 seconds later everyone is screaming, crying and running around like it’s the end of the world.

6. Sometimes I’m scared to open my children’s doors for fear of what might be behind it.

7. No matter how great I feel at the end of the day for having made it through the chaos that the universe threw my way, I get to go to bed knowing that tomorrow it all starts yet again.

8. I like going into other people’s houses and seeing what kind of stuff they have.

9. A full night’s sleep is a distant memory.

10. No matter what happens I can always find beauty in the madness.



Dear Mom…


Dear Mom,

Thank you for
…teaching me how to have a sense of humor
…taking me to church
…picking me up when I fell, and then picking me up when I didn’t learn my lesson and I fell again
…having patience with me during the teen years
…showing me that I didn’t need a man, but that I should want a man
…potty training Anna and teaching her how to ride a bike
…sitting up late at night drinking wine with me and solving all of the world’s problems
…allowing me to fail and praising me when I succeeded
…teaching me the value of a strong work ethic
…Phoenix Open 2002 (ha! Inside joke)
…my Buick Skyhawk
…my college education
…showing me that a mom can be a friend and still scare the crap out of their kids when they need to
…being my mom and my dad all at the same time
…loving me no matter what