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Peanut Butter is Magical


I am not exactly a “traditional” problem solver when it comes to the home front. When I have a Mommy Mishap and I need a solution it doesn’t just come to me naturally. I, out of pure necessity, rely very heavily on Google to solve my mishaps.

Today was an example of the powerful Internet. Our family is moving across the country in just a few short weeks and every day I’m doing something to get prepared for that move. Today I decided to tackle the nursery. A while back when my husband got really into wood working I asked him to make some wooden circles to hang on the nursery wall to match the pattern on the sheets. It looked adorable.


I used what I thought was a fabulous little material called double sided foam tape to put them on the wall. Perfect! These little circles could survive the Apocalypse and more importantly they wouldn’t come down if the toddler decided to hang on them.

However, when I tried to pull them down today the residue left on the walls was god awful. It is stronger than cement, I swear.


After realizing the traditional methods of removing goo weren’t going to work I headed to my dear friend Google. And you know what Google said to use? Peanut Butter!!! Maybe some of you smarter people out there already knew this but I sure didn’t. And I hope maybe one of you reading this will save this little trick in your arsenal. Peanut Butter works like magic! No joke.




So there you go. My little Mommy Mishap handy trick for ya. Now I’m going to go eat some peanut butter because smelling it for a half hour made me want to lick the nursery walls.