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Happy Blogiversary to Me, Mommy Mishaps!


Earlier today I was looking at the calendar in order to book an appointment for my husband and realized that this very day, March 13th, marks one year since my inaugural blog post.

I can’t believe I almost missed it. One year! There is no other venture (other than marriage and children, of course) that I have embarked on and been so committed. It truly has been a blast. The blog community has been outrageously supportive and the experience has been very cathartic as I searched for an outlet for my creative yet wacky brain.

Through this journey I have realized that my love language is “viewer response”. I know that isn’t one of the actual love languages, but it should be. I have been blown away by the response of people reading my blog. I check my stats obsessively and the high of having one of my posts go what I will call “semi-viral” was nothing short of intoxicating. Click here to read Friends don’t let friends take selfies over 40, which I will shamelessly say yielded 2,053 views and was shared on Facebook by 615 people! While those stats are simply peanuts for some of my favorite mommy bloggers I was beyond thrilled with that kind of response. And SO grateful.

And to you, yes YOU! You read this which means you’ve probably read one of my other blog posts. Without you I wouldn’t do this. Your feedback makes me smile. Your support makes my heart full. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Dear Mom…


Dear Mom,

Thank you for
…teaching me how to have a sense of humor
…taking me to church
…picking me up when I fell, and then picking me up when I didn’t learn my lesson and I fell again
…having patience with me during the teen years
…showing me that I didn’t need a man, but that I should want a man
…potty training Anna and teaching her how to ride a bike
…sitting up late at night drinking wine with me and solving all of the world’s problems
…allowing me to fail and praising me when I succeeded
…teaching me the value of a strong work ethic
…Phoenix Open 2002 (ha! Inside joke)
…my Buick Skyhawk
…my college education
…showing me that a mom can be a friend and still scare the crap out of their kids when they need to
…being my mom and my dad all at the same time
…loving me no matter what

I Hit 1,000 Views – And other things that have happened to me 1,000 times


I just hit 1,000 views on my little blog!!! I can’t believe it. I’m so thankful that you all have taken the time to read my rants. It has been ridiculously fun writing these posts and extremely therapeutic for my brain. I know some of my favorite blogs probably hit this milestone every day but since I just started a month ago I’m excited and truly can’t thank you all enough.


Because I’m a huge nerd and love tracking performance metrics I’m constantly watching my blog stats. So I can tell you all that you prefer to read about me controlling my urge to not murder my children and that you enjoy hearing about me getting pooped on. So, more of those stories in the future – which shouldn’t be a problem since those types of things happen to me with great regularity.

Hitting that big number made me think about everything else I am thankful for and what other things have happened in my life 1,000 times. Like:

1,000 hugs that I have been blessed enough to get from my kids over the last 10 years.

1,000 times I have thanked God that my husband came into my life at just the right time.

1,000 times I’ve texted pictures to my Mom of everything from my toddler’s first poo in the potty to my 10-year olds first daddy/daughter dance.

1,000 diapers changed over the last several years. Yes, I’m thankful for diapers. A doctor told me once I probably wouldn’t have children and here I am with a bunch of them so I’m thankful I even have dirty diapers to change.

1,000 days since my 10-year old has been sick. Seriously, not even a cold.

1,000 hours that I have been able to be with my kids instead of working since December. I’m SO lucky to be a SAHM. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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