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What if I posted what I was really thinking on Facebook?

What if I posted what I was really thinking on Facebook?

Do you want to know what kind of Facebook posts I enjoy reading the most? The raw, honest, often hilarious, self-deprecating ones where people are sharing real honest-to-goodness things that happen to them and are not embarrassed of what people might think or censoring themselves in any way.

I am probably the worst offender of the “typical Facebook” post. I post pictures of my adorable kids doing adorable things, I shout out when my husband brings me flowers, I tell funny stories about my day. Sometimes (in fact, most of the time) I actually think before pushing the share button “who gives a crap about this?”. But I send anyway because I can’t help myself. Maybe deep down it is my way of documenting my life. Or maybe I just think my life is so exciting that you all must immediately hear how awesome it is. Either way, my posts are, as are most of yours, really positive representations of what is not typically an entirely positive daily experience.

I love my life. I love the beauty in it. And I love the messiness of it. So why don’t I share everything with y’all? I promise I will not make this an everyday practice but wanted to make Wednesday, September 18th “authentic post” day and show you what I would be posting if I were to not censor myself. Things like this…..